Romain Petit

Romain Petit is the International expert in innovation at the French Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international seconded to South Africa. He is in charge of developing the cooperation in technological innovation between South Africa and France. Romain has 10 years of experience in the consulting business, especially in marketing and strategy for innovation and change management. Romain acts as a the governmental coordinator for French Tech Cape Town working on the internal and external communication of the initiative, on the linkage with national initiatives and acting as a project coordinator.

Christophe Viarnaud

Christophe Viarnaud is the founder of Methys, an international Technology Services firm and is involved at board or advisory level in supporting startups such as Powertime, PayGenius, Energy Intelligence, Top12Wines, etc. Christophe Viarnaud is one of the founding member of the French Tech Cape Town and is a coordinator actively promoting the development  of the French business community in Cape Town. 

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