Developing activities in Cape Town

We gathered a list of services & tools to help you to expand in the Western Cape.

Find Expansion Financing

Raise funds | Financing | Guarantee



Bpifrance offers a range of financing products (debt) as needed (increase your cash flow, grow your business and finance your growth, guarantee your bank loans, innovate) :

  • Soft loans (repayable advance, zero yield loan)
  • Investment loan to support your fundraising (1€ loan per 2€ raised)
  • Loan for Innovation (if your company has more than 3 years)
  • Special BPI Loan for South African companies wich want to import french products 

Seed funding & VCs

Here is a list of accelerators and funds that can help you grow your business:


  • Thundafund, the leading crowdsourcing marketplace in South Africa.

Hire Talented People / Find a Job

Job Boards | V.I.E


Cap40 job board

The Cap40 community allows members to publish and access job offers within companies with tight links to France or with operations in French speaking countries. 

Companies and candidates can also leave job discussion threads in the forum.


The VIE Programme

The VIE enables businesses to give 18- to 28-year-old candidates a temporary assignment of between six and 24 months abroad. The scheme is open to candidates of all qualification levels not only from France, but also from any other country in the European Economic Area.

Benefits for businesses :

  • No admin paperwork to hire a foreign employee
  • Financial incentives
  • Visibility of the job offer on the VIE career center

Local Job offer platforms

You are an employer ? You are a candidate ? Here is a non-exhaustive list of job portal commonly used is South Africa.

  • LinkedIn - No need to introduce LinkedIn. Their job platform is widely used in South Africa.
  • News24 - Job portal of the leading web-only newspaper
  • BizCommunity - Another leading business portal
  • Franco-sa - French speaking news portal with a job section
  • University websites: UCT, CPUT

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