Development and Digital Africa Days 2016

Development and Digital Africa Days 2016 - an opportunity for African start-ups to meet key tech actors in France.


The Development and Digital Africa Days will take place from the 26th to the 28th of October 2016 in Paris. Organized by the French Directorate General for Enterprise - supporting the development of the Private Sector - in collaboration with La French Tech - French powerful start-up ecosystem around the world - they are a Forum for French and African Best Tech Actors to discuss and encourage the Digital Development in Africa. 4 African start-ups - 2 South African and 2 Ivorian with the cooperation of the French Tech Abidjan  - will be selected to have the chance to meet investors, leading firms and public institutions in France. 

The Development and Digital Africa Days are opened to African Start-ups willing to develop partnerships with French firms from the Digital Industry. The applicant start-ups must operate on the following sectors: digital content, digital economy services, digital infrastructures, e-government services. They have 2 weeks - deadline on the 4th of October 2016 - to apply and have the chance to be selected to scale up their business in France.

Are you  a South African start-up willing to develop your business in France ?

Apply now and seize the opportunity to pitch and network with the Best Public and Private Digital Experts in France!